Education Consultant's Message


Dear Aspirants / Students

       Greetings! to Everybody.
You know one thing "we need theory, but when the theory is implemented i.e. practical is experienced you become a learner, earner, achiever and so on to proceed further in your career. You might have acquired Masters degree, Ph. D and etc in various disciplines. It is very much happy and pleasure to have these degrees. If you learn a theory, atleast you should know where it is to be applied and have the practical knowledge whether it is in the Industry or other relevant workplace. Otherwise there is no use. It is a waste of time and body's energy and finally your (parents) hard-earned money is spent uselessly.

      At the begnining of your course selection, you / your parents must identify your strong desire to become somebody in life i.e. a "strong why he/she choose this career / course" must be identified exactly. An ideal parent can make it out since his/her childhood i.e during school days. If so, he / she would become the best output of the relevant Industry / disciplines.
Now-a-days, everybody wants job and runs their own life within the limit of monthly salary regardless of their capability. People are working for others to make their boss rich, but their family is reeling under poverty. Why don't they think different i.e. run their own business to cater the needs of the society. For example, an young chap / other apirant can run "poly-business". Here you have to choose the right course or the right career path. Right now, the Wellness Industry is booming. Why don't you? Right. Hi, it is just example. Anyway it is too lengthy. I'm going....!

Mr. K. Sivakumar MCA, M. E. (Software Engg.)
      Education Consultant / Wellness Coach